Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Behold, Bespoke is open

Rachel and Gil are ready! The city was kind enough to finally hand over those permits so us chocoholics can get our fix at the lovely new Bespoke Chocolates. All I have to say is: get ready, people.

These truffles are some of the best I have ever eaten (though Mr. B's birthday bonbons were pretty crazy, and I still put Kee's on a pedestal, and then there was Paris…). But. But, but, but.

The strawberry balsamic truffle is made with strawberry puree, eight-year-old La Vecchia Dispensa Italian balsamic vinegar and 66% dark chocolate. Then it's dusted with freeze-dried strawberry powder. Heaven.

A simple 70% Columbian dark chocolate truffle (pictured here) is impossibly creamy — a real melt-in-your-mouth gem.

And Rachel's signature pretzel-covered sea salted caramel is crazy, with crackly, salty pretzel bits coating the chocolate shell and caramel center. Insler suggests popping the whole thing in your mouth since “it’s really liquidy caramel inside.”

As amazing as these truffles are, I can't wait until they unveil their homemade hazelnut spread (better than Nutella?!) and chocolate bars.

6 Extra Place off First Street, between Bowery and 2nd Ave


Sarah said...

I can vouch for the pretzel caramel--DIVINE!!!! Can't wait to try the rest!

Tom said...

The hazelnut spread is now available and is amazing.

Anonymous said...

I had Bespoke's white chocolate passionfruit last night and I've been dreaming of it ever since. It even got a shout out in this weeks Time Out New York!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Excellent chocolates,best in NY by a long way and so, sooo fresh.