Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sugar (& Sugar) & Plumm

New York just keeps giving. Candy. Chocolate. Pastries. Ice cream masterpieces. What do you want? What are you waiting for? Whatever it is, get yourself to Sugar & Plumm and dig in!

Pick up some baked goods (those cupcakes have pastry chef Pichet Ong’s signature all over them—yum!)…

… or take some divine desserts to go (have you ever seen such a seductive carrot cake?).

 Or you can opt for chocolates, from French chocolatier Thierry Atlan…

… and packaged bits and candy by the ounce (c’est dangeroux!).

The boutique-restaurant has a fun vibe. The David Rockwell interior is peppy and informal, and moms can walk around with wine while the rugrats annihilate gummies and sundaes.

It’s the kind of place you have to revisit again and again to sample all the delicious chocolaty, creamy, sugary offerings.

Sugar & Plumm 
377 Amsterdam Avenue 


Holiday Baker Man said...

Very cool. They are not shy in what the ask for $

Kate said...

that is just a cake-sweet-tooth world!

Foodista said...

Hi Amy,
Nice to read you
I'm a french foodista just coming back from a NYC trip and Sugar and Plumm is my new obsession !! I love the place and all the sweet items there...
Thanks for all the adress I can pick up in your blog and add to my "to taste list"