Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Keep truckin'

It’s like the Loch Ness monster, Superman, dust fairies, the perfect brown boots: it doesn’t exist. This Dessert Truck that New York magazine and rave about… where is it? I’d like a helping of bread pudding for god’s sake.

The concept alone makes me happy: a mobile bakery. Just walk right up for a serving of molten chocolate cake, crème brulee or hot (Valrhona & Guittard) chocolate. If I could only find it, that is.

After weeks of being the crazy stalker girl who takes the long way home to see if “he’s” there, I gave up trying to play it cool. There were only so many times I could skulk around University and 8th, trying for that chance encounter with the Dessert Truck. So I Googled him. Natch. Turns out my folly was the hour of the day — he only comes out at night.

So now I know, and now I am among the blessed to have had the chocolate bread pudding. And the hot cocoa.

All I can say is the rave reviews are deserving. Both treats are over-the-top rich, and sent me immediately into orbit. Chocolate oozed and rolled around my mouth in unimaginable ways. The cocoa is thick and chocolaty-sludgy. The bread pudding is both smooth and mildly textured, dense chocolate at the spongy edges and denser chocolate in the molten middle. It was an experience so decadent, even I could barely tolerate it.

But tolerate I did, and tolerate it I will again. Like that crazy stalker girl who just can’t leave well enough alone, I’ll be going back. Oh yes, I will be going back.

University & 8th
Every evening except Monday