Sunday, March 17, 2013

Macaron Day 2013

This Wednesday, March 20th, is the eighth annual Jour du Macaron.

Pierre Hermé started the brilliant celebration in Paris.

Three years ago, Francois Payard imported it to New York.

Wherever you find yourself this week, I hope you indulge in something beautiful...

(From top, Kee's, NY; Three Tarts, NY; Bosie Tea Parlor, NY; Chantal Guillon, San Francisco; Pierre Hermé, Paris; Ladurée, NY or Paris, LA Burdick, NY)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

The alfajore

It's a traditional pastry in Buenos Aires.
Two crunchy pastry shells, sandwiching dulce de leche.
The macaron of Argentina, if you will.

Saturday, March 09, 2013

The sweets of Buenos Aires

I've been good, actually. There hasn't been an insane amount of indulging here in Buenos Aires. But plenty of looking...

Everything is big, sugary and pretty. And it's no surprise that cupcakes have made their way here, too.

Many of the confiterias are quite Americanized. Nucha would give any New York bakery a run for its money, with their exquisite cakes and tarts...

...chocolates and traditional pastries...

  And, hey, what do you know? Cupcakes/muffins!
I brought a couple of them home just so see how they compare. In a word, they were asombrosa.

Amazingly moist and flavorful.
To die for.

There had to be some sampling...