Monday, April 15, 2013

Beautiful at Runner & Stone

Gowanus is cleaning up real well.
Four months in, Runner & Stone is already renowned for its bread.
But its French pastries by Amy's Bread alum Peter Endriss deserve a look, and taste, too.

Runner & Stone
285 Third Avenue

Monday, April 01, 2013

Fruit in the middle at Blue Sky Bakery

I've walked by Blue Sky Bakery on Fifth Avenue in Park Slope countless times. I knew—from one sole experience years ago as well as sporadic press over time—that their muffins are stuff of legend. But every time I walked by, the bakery was already closed for the day. Yesterday was my lucky day.
The muffins look impressive. And the flavors make it hard to choose. This one, a cranberry-strawberry muffin, was still a bit warm from the oven.
But that nice touch had nothing on the fruit inside.
It just kept erupting with fresh berries.  Such delicious artistry!

Of course I had to try more than just one. So we got a pumpkin banana chocolate chip.
You heard me. 
Pumpkin banana chocolate chip, the chips still a bit melty. It was another beautiful specimen, another reason to go back and try the other muffins on future Sundays.
Blue Sky Bakery
53 Fifth Avenue, Park Slope