Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Salty sweet

How about this sweet-salty thing?

Next to lavender and honey, sea salt seems to be the ingredient of the season (smoked salt truffles at Kee's, salted caramel bonbons at Chocolate Bar, chocolate caramel sea salt tarts at How Sweet It Is — dig in.).

Baked's got the goods, too.

In addition to super flavors like peanut butter, spicy and the good old classic deep dark brownie, there's a sweet & salty brownie that's infused with caramel and fleur de sel.

The fudgey brownie is sprinkled with large flecks of sea salt, creating an irresistible punctuated texture, and putting those taste buds to work. Even though the sweet and salty taste buds are both concentrated at the front of your tongue, the combination creates a sensory experience that plumbs the depths of taste appreciation: rich, bitter, thick, chocolaty, sonorous. Another bite of happiness.

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