Sunday, August 14, 2011

Is there one best chocolate chip cookie in New York?

It’s almost embarrassing how many great chocolate chip cookies there are in Manhattan. When you go to other towns and cities, bakery cookies are often hard and crunchy and lack imagination and strong flavor. Here in New York, there are infinite delicious options. I’ve always been torn between three top contenders:

City Bakery


And Momofuku

How does one make a choice between these three?

City Bakery’s lovely, dreamy, crunchy, creamy, soft and sugary saucer-sized beauties have it all: crispy edges, melty middles, and a buttery-gritty texture that’s balanced by giant hunks of smooth dark chocolate. They have just a hint of caramel flavor. They’re real cookie monsters.

Levain’s are six-ounce mounds of cakey, chocolate-studded, slightly undercooked heaven, with savory toasted walnuts mixed in. If City Bakery’s are cookie monsters, Levain’s are cookie monsters on potent steroids.

And Momofuku’s cornflake-marshmallow-chocolate chip cookie is sticky, chewy and crunchy; sweet and chocolaty; the bottom side rimmed in caramelized beauty.

I’ve always found it difficult to decide which I love most. So I put the test to a few willing guinea pigs. Guess what?

One went for City Bakery.

One for Levain.

And one for Momofuku.

What's your favorite chocolate chip cookie in the city?


aBroad said...

I think it has been over 4 years since I have had a chocolate chip cookie :(

Violette Crumble said...

I went home to visit NYC in July, and had this exact conversation with my husband. For us it was just between City Bakery and Levain. I tried the Momofuku on your recommendation and while I liked it, it was honestly the same as most of the cookies I bake at home, so I don't need to pay $1.75 for one when on vacation. That said, Levain is the winner for me, because while I love the pound of butter in the C.B. cookie, I prefer the pound of chocolate, and cake-like quality of the Levain (if I had to choose just one). I also just did some online research and tried to make my own Levain cookies, and they were close, but just not the same. Oh well!

Ace said...

My favorite is the one that Baked makes.

Forest said...

i can't say, having never tried any of those. But, i can say just from looking at the close up pics and the description, that momofuku looks like it would be my favorite.

Jessica Stocker said...

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