Friday, December 23, 2011

Lovely little cakes

Bien sur, the chocolates in Brussels were divine. But so were the cakes—at least the ones I had from Saint-Aulaye.

The very charming owner of this French patisserie in Ixelles, Jean-Louis Barré, was proud of his offerings. Not only the chocolates created in-house by Belgian Chocolate Master Ryan Stevenson, but the traditional tarts and gateaux as well.

With good reason.

He boasted that the bakery uses more butter in their croissants than any other bakery in Brussels. As I was there in the afternoon, I didn’t sample any veinnoiserie. But I took home (and shamelessly annihilated) a few cakes, including…

The Mikado: Chocolate mousse with roasted pecan nuts, on a thick chocolate brownie layer with Guérande rock salt.

And The Vegas: Dark chocolate mousse with caramel cream and roasted hazelnut biscuit.

I think the case for visiting Brussels is pretty clear, n'est-ce pas??


NYC, Style and a little Cannoli said...

looks like an amazing place for sure! hope you have a most wonderful Christmas!!

Rose said...

Hi, I love your blog...have been visiting it for about a year. I'm curious if you know a female blogger from Poland who lives in Paris with her husband and son. She also has a great blog; however, when my computer crashed, I lost her site...and can't remember the name. Please let me know if this rings a bell. Happy New Year!!

Lemon said...

I love the photos of these cakes, they looks so deliciously French. How many did you try?

ParisBreakfasts said...

I am so thinking of a day trip to Brussels...yr fault!

Bertha Dee said...

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