Tuesday, May 07, 2013

French breakfast club at Lafayette

This is a sign that I like to see:
Because, inside, French pastries abound.
Almond croissants...
Pain au chocolat...
Plain croissants...
Frangiopane tart...

All these pastries are pitch-perfect, grace à pastry chef Jen Yee.

Ben and I met there for Breakfast Club and strategically selected our petite dejeuner pour deux.

We even let a slice of savoriness slide by. (The garden quiche. It was delicious.)

And added a butterscotch coffee éclair. For breakfast. It was insanely delicious.
But maybe my favorite thing was the pistachio pound cake.
 I swear, it was the taste that transported me back to Paris.

À la prochaine, Lafayette!


Anonymous said...

Where is this??

Sweet Freak said...

380 Lafayette Street at Great Jones

Anonymous said...

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