Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sweets moratorium

It's been two days without sweets.

Every once in awhile I feel compelled to do the ole detox. Not because my jeans are too tight or that bathing suit season is coming up (though, of course, those things matter and, for the record, my stomach is making an obnoxious display over the top of my jeans). But it just seems unhealthy to eat sweets every day. Every day. It can't be good for you. No matter how good they make you feel.

So I'll do my usual goal of one week without chocolate after dinner, without a cookie fix for the afternoon slump, without French toast at brunch, without a handful of m & m's just because they're there.

So far I've walked by Teuscher (love you, champagne truffles), Amy's Bread (the size of those cinnamon buns…) Something Sweet (sugar cookies that actually taste good!) and Veniero's (another time, cannoli) and forewent a purchase each time. I have even abstained from finishing my chocolate marshmallow eggs that I hand-imported from Wahl's of Buffalo (talk about discipline).

The good thing is, in this town, I know all those sweets will be there when the moratorium is off.

Two days down, five to go…

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