Sunday, June 28, 2009

A la Mere de Famille, encore!

An outpost of the historic chocolatier A la Mere de Famille conveniently opened around the corner from me. It inevitably lacks the charm of the original store, but it’s still a cute little shop. It’s still filled with beautiful treats. And it’s still close to me.

Strangely though, I haven’t been craving chocolate a whole lot lately. My urge for something rich has been—only temporarily, I assure you—replaced by desire for something sweet and chewy. Namely, dried apple slices. Which have replaced my epic cravings for dried pineapple.

I started poking around La Mere de Famille, remembering nice big bins of dried fruit in the ninth arrondisement location and, sure enough, back in the corner, beyond the pralines, caramels and bonbons, I found my happy little jackpot.

Voila, beautiful dried pineapple. And dried apple slices, too.


Violette Crumble said...

Oh yea, that place is totally un-charming looking!!! You must be maxing out on all the delicious chocolates :)

Hey, I'm going to visit NYC in a week, and will be referring to your old posts. Any tips on where I can get a good, rich, chocolatey macaron downtown or Bklyn? I'm hoping to save myself a trip to Fauchon.

Sweet Freak said...

VC, am I becoming a chocolate ingrate or something??

Downtown, I would definitely hit up Kee's. I never had a chocolate macaron from her, but her floral and fruity flavors are to die for. And, of course, so are her chocolates.

Otherwise, I would say Itzy Bitzy Patisserie. I've never sampled Mitzy Budiono's macarons myself, but The Wandering Eater calls her New York's answer to Pierre Herme. So they've got to be pretty amazing. Double check, but you should be able to get them at Tafu on Lex at 51st.

Have fun in NYC!!

Violette Crumble said...

I used to only eat chocolate sweets, but now I can totally appreciate most things fruity, almondy, and fondant/creamy as well.

Thanks for those tips, I will look them up. Am staying with mom in the village and friends in Bklyn, so I was hoping to avoid midtown if possible, but one has to do what is necessary.