Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New York’s best sweets by neighborhood

When you analyze the sweet life in a city like New York, you have to think holistically. There are so many ridiculously delicious spots, it’s just not a matter of picking what is the best in any given neighborhood. You have to consider the whole landscape: the balance of cookies to chocolates to cupcakes. You might have four favorite cupcake cafes, but that doesn’t mean they’re better than your favorite chocolatier. Balance, my friends, balance.

It’s with this very serious and incredibly scientific approach that I have developed the following list—New York’s best sweets by neighborhood.

East Village
My love for Momofuku cookies is no secret. But given the number of cookies on my list, the best sweet in the East Village goes to Bespoke Chocolates’ insanely fresh, rich and inventive chocolate bonbons.

West Village
I’m getting a lot of important croissant-sampling experience over here in Paris. It only reaffirms my belief in Patisserie Claude having the best croissant in the city.

Lower East Side

I’m going with the Ooey Gooey cupcake from Sugar Sweet Sunshine over Doughnut Plant. Doughnuts don’t have frosting.


Kee’s. Though whether for the heady homemade chocolates or the wonderfully flavorful macaroons, I’m not sure.


Peanut butter cookie at City Bakery. It’s that easy.

When I met Sandra Palmer and Kiyomi Toda-BurkeI from Three Tarts, I became a convert. This was reinforced with every subsequent visit for a mini parfait or bite-sized bread pudding.

I’m really not a phyllo dough girl. I generally like my sweets made with lots of flour, sugar and dairy and topped with more sugar and/or chocolate (how do I not have diabetes??). But Poseidon Bakery’s baklava is so heavy and sweet with honey and nuts, it’s a must-have.

Upper East Side
I’m going with the mille crepes cake at Lady M, based on texture alone. Otherworldly.

Upper West Side
Eight ounces of cookie heaven: the walnut chocolate chip cookie from Levain.


Jessica "Su Good Sweets" said...

I agree with most of your choices. You have good taste!

Rachel said...

Fingers crossed, I'll be moving to the West Village next month. Now I know to start with a croissant at Patisserie Claude! :)

Violette Crumble said...

Good timing for me on this post! Last night I had the Chickilicious vanilla bean sundae and picked up a smores and a caramel cupcake. We tried to get the Momofuku cookie, but the line was out the door, so I'll try again later. We had our Levain fill as well as our City Bakery fill, but those are old favorites. I can not believe how many 'new' dessert establishments have popped up since I moved away! I'm going to go check out those E.V. and Soho chocolates for sure. I can always pack then and eat them later so I don't make myself sick in the next week here.

Sweet Freak said...

Thanks, Jessica! I know everyone believes they have good taste, but I have to agree with you. ha.

Rachel, you will not be disappointed, trust me.

Violette, are you in NYC now, you lucky girl?? I think you just cooked up a good strategy: eat the baked goods while you're there, and take the chocolates home with you. They should last for about a week. Both Bespoke and Kee's are so fresh and delicious. What did you think of the Chikalicious cupcake? Butter Lane is not far away, and I adore their cupcakes too. And not far from Kee's in Soho is Once Upon a Tart and Jacques Torres... you know, in case you want to get really good and sick

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