Saturday, August 01, 2009


When I was here in Paris as a student in the ’90s, I clung to my American roots. Every opportunity I had to eat a tuna fish sandwich, cheeseburger or chocolate chip cookie, I did. In fact, I ate so much to stave off my homesickness that I brought home an extra 15 pounds—carried firmly in my middle parts—at the end of my semester.

This time around, I’m embracing everything French: the cheese, bread, fresh fruits and vegetables (coincidence that I’ve lost weight since being here?). The idea of going to an American restaurant or bakery seems silly—repugnant even. That said, there’s something about a cupcake, isn’t there? Every time I walk by Berko, I’m drawn to their windows as if I were 19 again.

The cupcakes here are not as lovely nor as lovingly made as the beauties at Cupcakes & Co, but, still these bright, cheeky creations are fun to look at.

To be fair, Cupcakes & Co is strictly cupcakes. Berko offers lunch—quiches, salad, etc—as well as other sweet treats like blueberry tarts and cheesecake (another American dessert the French are fascinated by). And lots of them.

What I’m really interested in are these bars:

I’ve never seen anything like them before. And if I consider them a French treat at this American-like bakery, then there’s certainly no shame in indulging. We’re forever students after all.

23 rue Rambuteau

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MrsLavendula said...

definitely a sugar rush! those are cute looking cupcakes!