Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tarte Chocolat Caramel

Ever since CocoCook opened last fall, I’ve wanted to try it. But more for its savory dishes that were said to be as good as any gourmet New York take-out joint. With our sunny afternoon picnic lunch of Cornet Vegetariens in hand, it gave Bennie and I the perfect excuse to pop in and pick up dessert. We happened to be walking by, after all.

From the black sesame panacotta and carrot cake and triple lemon cake and chocolat fondant, we chose well.

One slice of chocolate caramel tarte, divided by two. Half the guilt. Total pleasure.

Down to the little graham cracker-crumbly bits from the deliciously moist crust.


Lazaro Cooks! said...

That is gorgeous. You post the most amazing desserts. I always seem to check out your blog right about lunch time. I've never had so many sweets for lunch. Cheers!

Rosemary said...

that looks amazing!! I don't know if the whole piece may be a bit too much chocolate but half looks just right.

How To Be Perfect said...

I just found your blog through a mutual follower, your blog is brilliant and this chocolate caramel tart has made me really hungry, if fact the whole blog makes me hungry! Yum! x