Friday, June 04, 2010

Back to Lisbon for pastéis de natas

Although the Pastéis de Belém Café was a haul from our hotel in Lisbon, it was essential that we visit. This 171-year-old bakery claims to have invented pastéis de natas—those deliciously sweet custard tarts that we had been inhaling all week. Were they worth the hype?

When we arrived, the café was blissfully crowd-free, giving us the opportunity to admire the old time-y charm and the pastries in the display.

Of course we were there for the pastéis de natas, but, as good tourists, it was our duty to sample the other treats too.

We settled on a simple but delightful corn muffin, sweet bread and coffee and juice to wash it down. A beautiful breakfast spread.

The muffin was light, moist and sweet.

And the pastéis de natas were everything promised—sweet, light, creamy and totally indulgent (though we thought the ones from Doce Real a wee bit better).

Still, that didn’t stop us from cleaning our plates.

Just in the nick of time. As we left the bakery and make our way to Sintra, the rest of the tourists were clogging the sidewalk, hungry for their turn.


NYC, Style and a little Cannoli said...

looks so yummy! you are very lucky indeed!!

Anonymous said...

I love Lisbon !
Thanks for sharing this. It reminds me such a great time I had*

Foodessa said...

I was there a few years back with hubby. Thank you so much for those memories. Great really captures my very favorite Portuguese pastry. Luckily, we found a place that makes them amazing right here in Montreal.
I'm so glad to have discovered your site.
BTW...when at the restaurant...we always look at the desserts first ;o)
Flavourful wishes, Claudia

dulci said...

delicious! this looks amazing


Sweet Freak said...

Thanks for sharing your memories! I was only there last month, and I'm already nostalgic for the pastéis de natas!

PB|Saudade'Studio said...

I just found you blog fowarding a link at Breakfast in Paris and i'm loving it!!

I'm from Portugal, so when i saw this post about pasteis de belem, or also know here as pastéis de nata i was so happy!! Everyone that is portuguese love them, even if the ones that we see in other parts of the country are not good as this ones, it's always good to be eaten! :)

And the french patisseries are just awesome! I was there last March and i know that the extra 1kg brought back was become of them!!!

Kind regards,