Friday, August 20, 2010

Nectarine tart for lunch

As much as I love the Parisian salons de thé, chic patisseries and British influences in the city, sometimes I miss the shabby-chic coffeehouse vibe of New York and San Francisco.

So imagine my glee when I stumbled upon Le Loir dans la Thieiere in the Marais.

Worn out leather club chairs are paired with antique-y wood tables. One wall is covered in art posters while across the room, there’s an Alice in Wonderland mural.

Wood floors, antiques, kind servers, and…

Pies and tarts galore!

I could have had apricot clafoutis…

… a big, chiffony slice of lemon meringue….

Chocolate crumble tart or chocolate mint millefeuille

For me, it came down the plum or nectarine tarts.

Nectarine won out.

A thick eggy custard base sandwiched between a sweet crust and sliced nectarines…

There’s nothing wrong with calling this lunch, right?

3 rue des Rosiers, 4eme


"All things French" said...

What fabulous photos! they're making me hungry - and it looks like a really comfortable homely bistro. I would have chosen the nectarine tart it looks soo delish!
Great Post!

Frances said...

Well, from New York might I just send a lament about the closing, a couple of years ago, of La Fortuna, a wonderfully welcoming, totally sypathetic to all visitors, cafe on the Upper West Side.

My friends and I considered this place our clubhouse.

Its space is now filled by a hardware (ironmongers) shop.

No other coffee/tea shop has risen to take on the traditions that La Fortuna held.

Karin (an alien parisienne) said...

What a groovy little place! That nectarine tart looks so good. The nectarines have been delicious the past couple of weeks. YUM.