Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Croissant or pain au chocolat?

Do you like your buttery layers of puff pastry pure?

Or shot through with chocolate?

Airy and flaky?

Or hiding something melty in the middle?

(Maybe even a choco-raspberry melty middle.)


Or always with chocolate?


Allison said...

I won't turn down a flaky croissant if someone offers it to me, but every day of the week I'll pick pain au chocolat.

paris (im)perfect said...

Ditto what Allison said. Pain au chocolat all the way.

FrenchTwistDC said...

Chausson aux pommes ;-)

a Broad said...


Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Pain au chocolat -- yay!

Love a flaky croissant but put them side by side and you better watch your hand while I grab for the chocolate one!


"All things French" said...

flaky buttery pastry croissant lightly dipped in café creme ~ mmmmm!! but oh! ever so lightly dipped because otherwise kaplonk!!
both croissant and coffee are ruined~ believe me it's happened to me, but the French know just the precise moment to remove
~le croissant.

Erica said...

Croissants, hands down. And they are so different from bakery to bakery and country to country. I love buttery French ones and dense Italian ones. Yumm! Erica

Viennese Girl Vreni said...

For me, pain au chocolat, s´il vous plaît. Or, even better, croissant aux amandes ;-)

amydot said...

i agree - chocolat - bien sur!

Les rêves d'une boulangère (Brittany) said...

Plain, dense, with lots of extra butter and jam! Miam miam!!!

ParisBreakfasts said...

maybe the raspberry gooey one..
I don't really like laminated stuff unless it's slathered with jam..
why not have jam on it's own?
I learned the word 'laminated' (layered) from Sarabeth.
That's what you get hanging with the pros...

NYC, Style and a little Cannoli said...

I will take the plain chocolate one...looks wonderful !!

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