Friday, September 16, 2011

Algerian pastries: the unsung heroes of Paris

With all the beautiful gateaux, sweet macarons and dreamy viennoiserie here in Paris, it’s easy to get lost in the neighborhood patisseries, never imagining that some other delicacies could seduce you. But last year, right before I moved back to New York, my friend Ana gave me a box of pastries from La Bague de Kenza. I had photographed their amazing heaps of petite pastries before, but never had I indulged.

Mon dieu.

If you like nuts, honey, dates, figs, marzipan, orange blossom, rosewater, phyllo dough or any combination thereof, you must visit this small chain of patisseries Algériennes.

There are so many beautifully crafted pastries. Half the fun is looking at the teetering towers of sweets and deciding which lucky ones get to come home with you.

With the four I chose, I tried for as much variety as possible, both with their ingredients and how they looked.

I got a piece of classic baklava, bien sur.

Another rainbow bar layered with marzipan and infused with orange blossom.

One sweet green pocket filled with finely ground pistachios…

… and another humble bar with almonds.

It was a lovely array of flavors, my small feast. But next time I come to Paris, I’m going to be sure to find a chaise longue where I can sprawl like a goddess and pluck many more Algerian pastries from their perfectly packed boite.

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MadAboutMacarons said...

Oh my! Each and every one look just as good as the next and it's not wonder why I have to stay away. I'd end up eating the whole stock! They are all such beauties - marzipan and orange blossom? Heaven!