Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy macaron day

Le Jour du Macaron. It's a glorious (busy) day in Paris. Get ready to queue up.

Make your way around to all of Pierre Hermé's boutiques.

Indulge in three free double-decker beauties at each stop.

And, if you're tenacious (and gluttonous) enough, you'll get an entire boite du macaron at the end of your spree.

Of course lovely macarons are everywhere in Paris.

At the contemporary Acide in the 17eme.

From my favorite chocolatier, Jean-Paul Hévin.

Japanese patissier Sadaharu Aoki also makes beautiful macarons.

You can civilized and sit for tea with your macarons at Carette.

Or bring a whole plate back, chez-toi.

How will you celebrate Macaron Day?


Edna said...

Unfortunately not three at Pierre Herme this year -- only one :( I heard about the box of macarons too, wish I'd known earlier! today was my day off, I would've made my rounds ;)

Paris Cheapskate said...

I think I almost died of sugar overload (and happiness) today - 6 from 4 locations in the span of 3 hours! Absinthe at Arnaud Larher and chocolate foie gras at Pierre Hermé were enough to guarantee that I will die a happy woman.

Holiday Baker Man said...

Woo hoo! what a day for my 4 pounds of almond flour to arrive. Cant wait to create some new tastes!