Sunday, September 16, 2012

Big and Dough-y

There was plenty of eatin’ at Smorgasburg this Saturday.
Walnut chicken bruschetta.
The “Bamberg”: a parsley and panko breadcrumbed chicken sandwich with pickled cucumbers and daikon and spicy dijon mustard on a pretzel roll. Delicious.

Even some sweets like Brown Butter Salty and Oat Chocolate Chunk cookies from The Good Batch.

But it was all about the doughnuts.
I’ve long heard about Dough (“We fry in Bed-Stuy”) and wanted to try their doughnuts.
 Saturday was my chance. I had two eating partners.

From all the amazing flavors (Blood orange! Dulce de leche!), we chose café au lait...
... and hibiscus.
Giant. Dense and doughy. Sweet and perfectly pitched.

Smorgasburg was dreamy. But the doughnuts were to die for.


Captivated Reader said...

Yum, gotta love a good doughnut!!

Btw, I read your memoir Paris, My Sweet for a book club earlier and loved it!

Kathy YL Chan said...

That hibiscus one is striking!! Those colors! ^_^

Boiled Sweets said...

Wow.... Pink Doughnut?! Heaven!

Lovely journal!

Parisbreakfasts said...

Hope yr OK Amy :(
Worried about you
xxCarolg in Paris