Friday, November 09, 2012

New York's Chocolate Show

I’ve been to the Chocolate Show in past years. In Paris, it was chocolate heaven. My memory of New York—a good 6-7 years ago—is one of mayhem. Crazy crowds. But my visit today, the first of the three-day expo, was blissfully jostle-free. So I got to ogle lots of chocolate.
And say hello to Rhonda of Roni-Sue, who has added new flavors to her luscious cocktail collection.
Meet Mott Green, founder of my new obsession, The Grenada Chocolate Company.

My favorite discovery of the day was Salt of the Earth Bakery.
Their cookies and brownies are wonderfully sweet-salty-chewy blends of the best ingredients.
France was well represented, too, with Pralus (but sadly, no Praluline) and LAC.
Britain was present with Prestat, whose fancy packaging pretty much blew everyone else’s out of the water.
I’ve always wanted to try John &Kira’s, a Philadelphia chocolatier, and got my delicious opportunity with a strawberry cream bonbon.
And there were a few local newbies, like Tache.
Overall, there were no huge surprises in the innovation department. There are definitely a lot of caramel options out there. And boozy truffles. And peanut butter and, of course, bacon are as popular as ever.

When you go this weekend (it’s Saturday and Sunday at the Metropolitan Pavilion on 18th Street), be sure to bring coats to donate—the Show has partnered with New York Cares to help support the coat drive to help Hurricane Sandy victims.


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