Friday, November 05, 2010

Pink, sweet and gooey

I’ll confess: what really got me at the Salon du Chocolat wasn’t, in fact, chocolate. It was the buttery brioche chockfull of almonds from Valencia and crushed hazelnuts from Piémont, folded and baked together into this irresistibly warm and gooey treat from 1955 called Praluline.

Every time I’ve walked by Pralus on rue Rambuteau, I’ve been curious about this pink-studded ball beckoning from the window. But un grand roule of heavy bread has always seemed like a big investment for just a little taste.

So imagine my giddiness when I saw the sweet treat at the Salon—and saw them actually making it.

(They start ’em young here in France.)

Rolling out the buttery brioche dough. (Nice forearms, non?)

Folding in the pink praline.

Balling them up for the oven.

And letting them cool (and tempt) until…

…they were diced up for sampling.

I won’t even tell you how many circles I made so I could keep scooping up the petit pieces of heaven. But let’s just say, I left with a full belly. And now know I could easily put away one of the grand roules in a sitting. A great return on investment, for future reference.


a Broad said...

I just woke up and I am sitting here with coffee but no brioche ..
This is very sad.
I am happy for you, however, that there are as many brioche in your life as you wish.
Your deprived friend at the bottom of the world,

ParisBreakfasts said...

Ha here I thought you were baking again...
'I won’t even tell you how many circles'but no you were circling the Salon.
I hate to tell you, though you may well know it, Pralus sells this stuff in his rue Rambuteau shop-Maybe more free samples for you?

Anonymous said...

I want a pillow made of that soft squishy dough... Mmmmmm, or even better an entire bed....hmmmmmmm!

Sweet Freak said...

How divine, Melissa! A bed of praline brioche squishiness... I love it!

Candice, I hope your coffee was okay, sans brioche?? Was your French baker off today? You need one of his almond croissants!

And, oui, Carol, now the pull of Pralus' shop - a quick 10-minute walk from me - is going to be harder to resist than ever!