Wednesday, June 05, 2013

It was salty pimp time

Have you been to Big Gay Ice Cream Shop yet? It took me about a year of wanting to go before I actually managed to get there.

I was happy to share the experience with a partner in crime: Kasia.

It took us a solid 10 minutes of debating the finer points of the menu: dulce de leche versus Nutella, apple versus pumpkin, cone versus sundae.

But finally, amidst the rainbows and unicorns, we had our order.

The American Globs Sundae pour elle.

A salty pimp pour moi.

That’s vanilla soft serve with dulce de leche and sea salt, dipped in chocolate.

It's every bit as ridiculous and delicious as you'd expect, and if you haven’t been to Big Gay Ice Cream Shop yet, do not wait a year for this creamy satisfaction.


Holiday Baker Man said...

Can't wait until I finally get to this place!

Andi said...

Been dying to go, saw this on Instagram and was thrilled for you and Kasia!

Sweet Freak said...

It's a winner, for sure! Andi, I think they were just in San Fran!

praveena puppy said...

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