Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Fruity focaccia

Don't let the almonds and fruit fool you. There's nothing healthy about the fruit focaccia at Balthazar. First of all, the portion is for NBA players: gargantuan. Secondly, it comes from the Balthazar bakery. Bien sur, it's laden with sugar, dairy and all things wonderful.

Tart cherries (there they are again), chewy raisins, crunchy slivers of almond, all baked into a slab of bread and dusted with confectioner sugar.

For an even bigger rush, sit down in the dining room and smear it with raspberry or blueberry jam.

Side note: Balthazar round the bill down to avoid loading you down with pesky pocket change. Of course you should show your thanks with a nicer tip for your server.

80 Spring Street

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