Thursday, March 05, 2009

Morning at Momofuku

The thing with Momofuku Milk Bar & Bakery is to go in the morning. That's when things are warm and fresh out of the oven and the crowds are nil.

Bennie and I met there for breakfast, looking forward to the banana and blueberry cream cookies, respectively. Sadly they weren't there. But we didn't starve.

Ben got the pork and egg bun.

I got a loaf of banana green curry bread.
It was super moist and banana-y on the inside, a nice crunch of crust on the outside. Washed down with melted marshmallow cereal milk soft serve.

Even though I consumed my day's calories before getting to work, I took some cookies to go.

207 Second Avenue, entrance on 13th Street


Carolyn Jung said...

I am so dying to go here on my next trip to NY. Curry banana bread warm from the oven? My, oh my!

Anonymous said...

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