Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Muffins from the baking company

Of course the real draw of Clinton Street Baking Company is the pancakes. But then again, the word "baking" is in the name; there are some damn good bakers at this restaurant.

Shrugging off the Kitchen Confidential quote that muffins are for people without the nads to order cake for breakfast, I got the banana chocolate chunk muffin (the blueberry crumble looked heavenly—it reminded me of Momofuku's blueberry cream cookie—but I've been on a banana kick lately).

The name fulfills on its promise: these are not chips, but chunks of rich chocolate. There are also big hunks of banana. It's uber moist, banana-y and chocolaty, and the top is caked with crumbly bits of butter and sugar, plus other big chunks of chocolate.

I better be careful or I'm going to get my very own set of muffin tops.

4 Clinton Street south of Houston

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