Friday, August 14, 2009

Chocolate covered macarons

After being shut out of some of my favorite sweet spots this month, I was thrilled to stumble upon Sadaharu Aoki’s Boulevard de Port Royale location. I knew from his rue de Vaugirard patisserie that my eyes would be treated to exquisite cakes and pastries.

It was just a matter of what my belly was craving.

Despite the gorgeous display (earl grey, wasabi, caramel, yuzu, strawberry and lemon but a few of the choices), I’m not a big fan of Aoki’s macarons. But that didn’t stop me from trying his new treat: the chocoron, a chocolate covered macaron.

Just as the whoopee pie was the happy little blast from the past last year, I found this to be a nostalgic treat. The chocoron is like a scooter pie reincarnated.

Of the six flavors, I opted for chocolate, at the shopgirl’s suggestion.

A genius concept but unfortunately the inside macaron was a little stale so my chocoron wasn’t as spectacular as it could and should have been.

But I did sample a piece of dark chocolate with sesame seeds and it was, sigh, divine.

56 Boulevard de Pot Royale

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