Friday, March 04, 2011

Not quite the bee’s knees to me

I read about the honey cakes at Bee Dessert and was overly excited to try them. I mean, an “all-natural chocolate covered honey cake” extolled by Rachel Ray and the Times? Let’s get to it.

The packaging was adorable enough.

But I was expecting something more like Baklava than a Ring Ding.

Something more oozey and syrupy and multilayered than compact and cakey. Surprisingly, it was more like a spice cake enveloped in rich dark chocolate. No goo, no oozing, no sticky-sweetness. No wow.

Like spice cake enrobed in dark chocolate, it’s not that it was bad. It just wasn’t worthy of the buzzzzz I'd heard.


Alejandra Ramos said...

I totally agree on this! They came to my office to give out samples and I was excited to try them, but also found that they were just kind of eh. I wanted something sweet and oozy syrupy delicious, which this wasn't.

veggietestkitchen said...

I learned my lesson about taking any Rachel Ray tips from following some of her recipes. Needless to say, I filter her out now.

ParisBreakfasts said...

I pat you on the back for trying to make the adjustment in grand style but mon dieux!!!
c'est tout
non plus

a Broad said...

As "real" chocolate and dessert deprived as I am, where I live, I would probably inhale them and exclaim at their wonderfulness.

I am thinking Nutella on white bread is delicious these days so you can understand my reasoning :(