Sunday, February 05, 2012

20th Annual Hot Chocolate Festival

I missed meeting Bennie for a cup of banana peel hot cocoa yesterday. But I got to City Bakery’s Hot Chocolate Festival kickoff Wednesday morning—the 20th anniversary, no less—and indulged in sunken treasure hot cocoa—little extra bits of sweetness and chocolate at the bottom of your cup (miam).

No surprise, it was rich and decadent and the perfect way to start my day (and have you ever tried dipping a banana into your cocoa? Breakfast of champions, I tell you).

Here are my top five flavor picks for the remainder of the month:

• Bourbon hot chocolate (Friday the 10th)
• Caramel hot chocolate (Saturday the 11th)
• On a peanut butter barge hot chocolate (Saturday the 18th)
• Ode to the polar bear hot chocolate (Wednesday the 22nd)
• Chinese cinnamon hot chocolate (Saturday the 25th)

Find the full flavor roster and pick your favorites, here.


Helen said...

Ahhh I went to the hot chocolate festival at city bakery last year!! Sooooo good. And rich. And delicious!

PS: got your launch party invite - CANNOT WAIT!

Dark Chocolate said...

Hot chocolate very delicious.It's yummy.

Amy said...

Hi Amy - I haven't been able to comment on your "God I Love Paris" blog for some reason, so I'm here telling you Congratulations on your book and all these good, good, very sweet things happening for you! My book has been shipped and I can't wait to curl up with some hot chocolate and delve in.