Saturday, February 11, 2012

Georgetown Cupcake Takes Manhattan

I’ve been waiting for this…

…and so, apparently, has half of Manhattan!

Two-hour-long waits. TV cameras and balloons. And we’re inside Georgetown Cupcake!

The line was slow, giving me plen-ty of time to consider my ordering strategy…

… and ogle the perfectly frosted cupcakes.


She was glowing. And her daughters?

Katherine and Sophie, and their whole crew, were fast at work. (Everyone was ridiculously nice.)

Most people were ordering cupcakes by the dozen. Ever the study of modesty, I ordered two (actually, I only ordered one, but you got one free in celebration of the grand opening and who would ever turn down a free cupcake??).

I knew I wanted the strawberry lava fudge. I have a thing for strawberry cake…and combined with chocolate? It was a no-brainer.

On a whim (or, more like trying to make an important decision quickly, under pressure) I got the red velvet for my freebie as it’s their best seller.

Although there area handful of tables in the big, bright bakery, I brought the cupcakes home with me so I could savor them in private.

The strawberry lava fudge was, as anticipated, ridiculous.

The strawberry frosting was sweet and the fudge oozed from the middle into a chocolaty puddle. Ridiculous.

The red velvet, however, is what blew me away. Pitch-perfect cream cheese frosting—neither too sweet nor tart, spread generously atop the moist cake.

It was fun, it was delicious, and it was totally worth the madness.


Lisa said...

I totally hadn't heard that they were opening here. How did that happen? I feel like pretty soon the market is going to be saturated. I mean, this is a big city, but how many cupcake places can we really support? That being said, these look delicious.

Sugar Daze said...

Thanks for the report and the fabulous pictures! I have to say, as a cupcake baker, I am really inspired by what the Georgetown Cupcake girls have achieved. I will be holding my breath until I am able to get to their store on my next trip home.

I recently bought their book as I wanted to hear their story and since I can't get to one of their stores, figured it would be a great way to try some of their cupcakes. I have made a few recipes so far and have to say I was pretty disappointed. One was their chocolate cupcake which I understand is also a hot seller - it was dry and bland. And the carrot cake was something else I didn't care for much either. It was overly eggy and not carrot-y enough. I don't mean to pan them as obviously they are doing something right but am really, really curious to try them in-person. They must work some kind of magic that just doesn't come through via the written recipe.

Lost In Cheeseland said...

WOW!! That peanut butter fudge cupcake has my name ALL over it. The cupcakes look MASSIVE but delicious. So cool you saw their grand opening!

melanie said...

oh wow, i am drooling right now. i also just read "le tour du chocolat" and loved every single line of it. so happy to have discovered your blog :)
-your newest follower

Kate said...

Thats my favorite show on TV!! I wish Katherine and Sophie would plan on opening their newest spot in Europe!
And Mommy is awesome!