Saturday, February 02, 2013

28 days of hot chocolate

Step right up. It’s Hot Chocolate Festival time!

For the next 27 days, you can sample something different from City Bakery’s annual deluge of fun, funny, inspirational and always delicious cocoa flavors.

You can get it with a homemade marshmallow to stay.

Or take it to go.

I’m especially keen for banana peel (today and the 23rd), caramel (the 3rd), bourbon (8th), black rum & cinnamon (22nd) and the ode to the polar bear (27th). What about you?


Holiday Baker Man said...

I may have just died.....

Lisa said...

Thanks for posting about this - I love City Bakery's Hot Chocolate Month! The hot chocolate is so thick it quenches my craving for the whole year! It's also Pancake month at Clinton St Baking Co. Yum!

Frances said...

Amy, what a coincidence...a friend and I stopped by City Bakery yesterday for a hot chocolate, unaware that we were arriving on day one of a festival.

I admit that we weren't keen on testing out Lemon Hot Chocolate, and opted for the CB's truly richly delicious basic French bowl of hot chocolate, adding for health reasons, whole wheat croissants to our order.

Yum Mee! There are a few special Festival blends that do intrigue me. I would love to try Vietnamese Cinnamon on 2/10 and Black Rum & Cinnamon on February 22. A few other entries seem mysterious as to their ingredients.

It looks like lots of fattening February fun. Bravo to the CB folks.

Sweet Freak said...

Lisa, I'm scheduled to go to Clinton Street Baking Company on the 15th and then again the week of the 25th. Such a decadent month, n'est-ce pas??

Frances, I probably would have done the same and eschewed lemon for the classic. I hope you and your friend had a divine time and get back on either the 10th or 22nd!

Baker Man, don't die, but do indulge!

Parisbreakfasts said...

I think they have the Best marshmallows in the downfall.
Must get one before leaving miam miam