Friday, February 08, 2013

Something good right under your nose

Do you know L.A. Burdick?

I’ve always known them for their chocolate mice. I don’t know why. Even after they moved into a quiet strip of 20th Street here in New York and I’d stroll through from time to time to ogle the pastries, I only thought of them for chocolate mice.
So I was happy to meet a friend for breakfast early one weekday morning. The pastry case was plein, full.
 With cakes and torts of various sizes, flavors and fashions.

Let’s get a closer look at those.
And they had plenty of French specialties. Macarons with nice croutes.

 Miam, miam.
...and, the reason we were there: pain au chocolat.

The perfect way to start a day: breakfast with a friend over French pastries.


Holiday Baker Man said...

You are too lucky!

NoelleMac said...

Looks like a little piece of Paris in NY

Sweet Freak said...

Exactement! Exactement!