Thursday, July 10, 2008

5 best smells in the city

New York gets a bad rap for its summertime stank. But I always manage to find pockets where it's nice to inhale reeeeeallly deeply. Here are five.

Kee's: Getting smacked in the face with the scent or her chocolate truffles being made.

Billy's Bakery: Even being outside on the sidewalk when the cupcakes come out of the oven is heavenly.

Amy's Bread (and Fat Witch and Sarabeth's) at Chelsea Market: Bakery after bakery exuding their dreamy fresh baked smells? Dee-lish.

Dunkin Donuts: Every night, my whole neighborhood smells like jelly doughnuts. I will cave some day and get one.

Levain: Mmmmm…. huffing a bag of dark chocolate chocolate chip cookies does the trick every time.

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