Thursday, July 24, 2008

Binging on revenge

I think what I love most about Sweet Revenge's cupcakes is that they remind me of the Sydney opera house. The frosting is spread on in big (rich, creamy) architectural waves. Gorgeous.

On the flavor front, they're less inspired, but still tasty. Especially the Crimson and Cream, one of the four signature flavors. Instead of the now standard red velvet cake and cream cheese frosting combo, owner Marlo Scott introduced raspberry to the mix, folding it into the cake's center. It adds moistness, texture and a beautiful fruity infusion.

The Sweet Revenge cupcake is peanut butter cake with a ganache center, topped with peanut butter buttercream. Excellent potential, but sadly underwhelming because the cake is too dry. The Dirty cupcake, a little moister, is ganache on chocolate, a combination that never fails in my book.

Thank you, Brownie, for helping me polish off three cupcakes (and a ginger snap) in a sitting. We should have gone for it and ordered the fourth signature cupcake, Mexican vanilla cake with buttercream frosting. But another summer afternoon…

62 Carmine Street

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Sarah said...

oh WOW.

Such genius in cupcake creation. Those look delicious, all three!

I have a princess cake to serve for dessert this evening, one of my favorite special cakes.