Saturday, July 12, 2008

The mixing bowl: Rhonda Kave

Rhonda Kave has been churning out bonbons for over 20 years, but it was only last winter that she started selling her imaginative truffles and now her latest, Pig Candy — chocolate-covered bacon — from her downtown shop. Though buttercrunch is her trademark, coconut is her favorite.

Growing up, my favorite sweet was:
Coconut candy strips, watermelon slices or Tastykake butterscotch krimpets.

My favorite sweet now is:
Still anything coconut — cake, candies, etc.

My personal favorite from Roni-Sue:
Fresh coconut truffle, buttercrunch or whatever I'm currently working on.

What I love about the Lower East Side is:
The cultural mix & that there's always something going on, day or night.

Truffles or pralines:

White, milk or dark:
Mostly dark

Caramel, ganache or cream:

The perfect pairing:
A glass of sherry or port, some nice cheese and my Portly Fig truffle.

I'd love to create a flavor for:
My son Corwin's restaurant (when he's ready to open his own!).

Kitchen essentials:
Salad spinner, whisk, espresso pot, KitchenAid mixer & food processor.

Style essentials:
My collection (vintage & non) of hats, handbags & jewelry.

Pastry chefs I admire:
There are so many — all those who cook from the heart! I do love Carole Walter for her dedication to all things pie related.

I'm most inspired when:

I'm in the shower — or when I discover a new & unusual ingredient.

How much is too much?
Who knows? Keep pushing the envelope!

Favorite movie snack:
Popcorn, no butter & Jr. Mints.

Guilty pleasure:
Chile rellenos @ Shopsin's & the occasional bag of cheddar cheese/pretzel Combos.

Other favorites:
Jazz, Mexican food, science fiction, Harold & Maude, Paris, and community organizing/social justice work.

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