Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mercy! Marcolini

Many chocolatiers, here and abroad, are all about experimenting with flavors as of late. Others are keeping it real.

I’m all for the outrageousness of chili or cardamom, the delicacy of violet or lavender, or the sweetness of fig or kumquats in my dark chocolate ganache. But after snacking on a couple bonbons from Pierre Marcolini, I’ll stick to the classics.

Like the Pavé de Tours Fondant: uber thin, filled with sugared almonds, hazelnuts and puff pastry cake, and coated with milk chocolate. A divinely crackly-creamy-melty experience. Mercy.

The Coeur Framboise, one of his most popular bonbons, is dark chocolate ganache with raspberry puree at its center, enrobed in white chocolate (the better to see the pretty red color). Just sweet and heavenly.

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