Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back at Batch

There is a powerful magnetic force at Batch. Any time I am in the Willage, it pulls. And the closer I am to 10th Street, the stronger the force, the weaker my resistance, and I end up standing out front, staring in the window like a sad puppy in the rain. The place renders me pathetic.

This weekend I duped a couple friends into going with me so I could sample more cupcake flavors. (I can even post their photo since they won't be reading this.)

As much as I wanted the strawberry rhubarb cupcake that I fell for a couple months back, I went with the chocolate green tea. AJ demonstrated her loyalty to banana cake by ordering a banana cupcake. And Ben got the carrot salted caramel, which made me happy because there are few things better.

Pichet's cake is always perfectly moist, and the frosting is generously and gorgeously spread on without overpowering the cake. I will say I prefer the cupcakes at room temp, so give yours some warm-up time after emerging from the refrigerated display case. And eat a chocolate chip cookie while you wait.

150B West 10th Street

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