Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bananas foster french toast

This is just… wrong!

Eschewing the 90-minute wait for brunch at Prune, Bennie and I journeyed down to newcomer JoeDoe. I think I have a new favorite restaurant.

The space is tiny, the staff, friendly, and every bite smacks of rich flavors. I changed my order to the french toast after seeing the guy next to me tuck into his whipped cream- and syrup-saturated plate of carbs (Seriously, granola? What was I thinking?). It was heaven, delivered on a plate.

I hate to say it, but watch your back, Prune.

45 1st Street b/w 1st and 2nd Aves


Before Sunrise said...

Got here through NYC Food Guy's site.

You said it - this is just wrong! I have a weak spot for good french toasts, will definitely check that out.

Your site is one big temptation :)

Jude said...

Oh my.. If I woke up to this every morning maybe I won't need an alarm clock.