Sunday, October 05, 2008

Too close to home

Despite its proximity to my apartment, I’ve managed to give Dessert Club, Chikalicious a wide berth. I have a habit of bringing home adorable cupcakes the way crazy old ladies scoop up stray animals.

I was there months ago when they just served bread pudding. Now they’ve added eight different kinds of cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies… I am in trouble.

I’ll have to go back with a partner in crime to sample multiple cupcake flavors. (See? I can show a little, if not restraint, then at least decency.). But it was easy to rationalize taking home a cookie.

The catch is, they sell them in threes. It’s three cookies for $1.95. Sure, I could have paid the same (reasonable) amount and just taken two. But that would go against all of my gluttonous principles.

So I got three.

And ate them. One…

…by one.

By one.

204 East 10th Street


stock research said...

i think you add more info about it.

Abby said...

Their cupcakes are great, I don't know why they don't get more props for them. The Red Velvet ones and Mocha ones are especially amazing. The vanilla apple pudding cake is also spectacular.

Alex said...

wow. they look like everything a chocolate chip cookie should be. buttery, chewy, and generously chocolated. dying to find out how they stack up to jacques torres and city bakery. readers might need to see a best-of-chocolate-chip post someday!

Maggie said...

Those cookies look fantastic! There was a litle taco place in Ann Arbor, MI that had thin chewy ones like that but it's gone now :(