Thursday, October 23, 2008

Chocolate chip heavyweight

I'm back on the chocolate chip cookie hunt. I really want to find someone who can take down City Bakery and Levain. Not that I have anything against them. God, no. But it just seems so obvious that these are the best. Certainly, there are other contenders?

Today, I hit up Petrossian. With its Armenian/French heritage, it seems an unlikely candidate. But they are not kidding around with the American classic.

The edges are nice, thin and crispy. The middle, and it's a giant one, is chocolaty, caramely and nutty—you might as well be eating a Tollhouse pie. And you can taste the eight pounds of butter.

There's no way to eat this monster without getting your fingertips covered in chocolate—the whole bottom of the cookie is melted chocolate, hardened again. And it's high quality, rich as all hell.

I'm normally not into nuts, but I understand why they add pecans: for the faint of heart, they cut the chocolate excess. It may not be the best in the city, but this cookie is no joke.

911 Seventh Ave b/w 57th & 58th

2 comments: said...

Great recon job. That cookie looks serious. I'm also a huge fan of Levain, not a big fan of City Bakery though, thought their cookie was just okay. Jacques Torres' cookie is better than City Bakery.

Either way, I agree, I'd love to find a spot which rivals Levain and thus far, it hasn't happened.

You can see plenty of Levain coverage and even more desserts on my site, your site is very solid, I'm linking to it on my site and would be very happy if you did the same.

The Vegetarian New Yorker said...

It's an awesome cookie. It's certainly a contender for best in the city IMHO. My favorites in the city include the one at Chocolate Bar, the one at Baked, the one at Jacques Torres, and the one at Petrossian.

In fact, everything at Petrossian's Cafe is amazing -- especially their croissants, which are best in the city I think (better than Patisserie Claude - which I don't like that much, Payard, Madeleine, Financier, Almondine, City Bakery, Bouchon, etc.).