Friday, December 19, 2008

5 gifts you can stuff my stocking with

Not literally. Well, only if you want. But here are brilliant stocking stuffers for any sweet freak on your list. Yes, you can shop online!

Peruvian dark chocolate bar with wild cherries from Soma:
This is from my new love, the Toronto "chocolate bar, boutique & laboratory." Their truffles are divine, but delicate—the dark chocolate bar with cherries is safer for the stocking.

Papabubble suckers:
The bright and cheery lollies and hard candies sure are festive. And the packaging is so cool.

Bittersweet tiles from Poco Dolce:
My friend Connie turned me onto these amazing little squares of bittersweet chocolate topped with grey sea salt. An assorted box contains burnt caramel, almond, ginger and Aztec chile flavors. Amazing.

Joseph Schmidt truffles:
Mr. Z sent me a box of these from San Francisco last year, and I still dream about them. Each truffle, in flavors like double latte and peanut butter, takes about six bites to conquer. These bad boys are a true guilty pleasure.

Dried pineapple from Manhattan Fruit Exchange:
Just because I'm a freak and can't get enough of this stuff.

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