Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Another swoon-worthy cupcake

Some people say “Jump” and you say “How high?” Some bakeries announce new cupcakes and you think, “How soon can I be there?” (Or is that just me?)

After hearing about Batch’s new pumpkin rum raisin, cranberry coconut, bacon caramel and drunken peppered pear flavors, I had to stop by. Well, I was in the Willage after all.

I did refrain from getting multiple cupcakes, and went straight for the peppered pear.

It mixes sweet pear flavor, a spicy aftertaste and there’s an Amaretto kick baked inside. It’s delicious.

I never want to see the carrot salted caramel go away, but this is a nice alternative.


Liz E. said...

I was in there the other day and got two cupcakes...the original Dragon's Devil's Food, and the Bacon Salted Pumpkin Caramel concoction...that one was especially delicious and moist, and I recommend you head back for it. :D

Before Sunrise said...

Sweet Freak, if you were to tell someone, who is visiting Manhattan, which is the best cupcake, the one worth trying in Manhattan, which one would it be?