Friday, January 16, 2009

The power of a good macaroon

When it's impossibly cold and bitter outside, I like to pretend that it's April. In Paris.

If I have a couple macaroons, it usually helps. Especially if they're springtime flavors like rosewater lychee or passion fruit from Kee's.

The rosewater lychee is so powdery sweet and evocative, it will make you feel like a French princess. Maybe even Carla Bruni.

The passion fruit is actually so bright and fruity, it will take you to a balmy tropical place. Say, Martinique. C'est vrai!

80 Thompson St at Spring

452 Fifth Ave at 40th


Ricardo said...

I love really really good macaroons, almondy and delicious..these ones look ripe...thx 4 sharing + for becoming my foodbuzz friend

Kirsten said...

I'm SO glad that I found your blog!! I'm always looking for great sweets around the city. These look great! Maybe I'll stop and get some after work next week. :) Thanks!

Tangled Noodle said...

These look so good - there must be something like these somewhere in Mpls. If only it would warm up a bit, I'd go on a macaroon hunt . . .

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