Saturday, January 17, 2009

The stealth attack of Bond Street Chocolates

While we've all been waiting for Bespoke Chocolates to debut, Lynda Stern—bam!—opened Bond Street Chocolates on 4th Street. God, I'm loving the East Village these days.

Bonbons come in flavors as demure as Earl Grey, wild as tequila, and classic as Valrhona. But Lynda's personality really comes through with some of her other treats: chocolate-covered wasabi peas (spicy!), corn nuts (salty!) and toffee (smokin!)

I wish my nearby apartment were decorated halfway as nice as this super cool chocolate spot. It's small but chic, with rich chocolate brown walls and fuchsia (my favorite) accents. Aside from the gorgeous bonbons, I think one of the best touches is the thermos of free cocoa near the door. Nice!

63 East 4th Street between Bowery and 2nd Ave


Before Sunrise said...

That looks like it's definitely worth a visit.

I stopped by Maison du Chocolat on Sunday because I was craving a good hot chocolate and had their Guayaquil hot chocolate, it was great!

Sweet Freak said...

Is it not the best winter for hot chocolate?? (Though I will gladly trade it for springtime treats and look forward to ice cream weather...)

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