Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The incredible, all-too-edible, cakes of Lille, France (part II)

Yes, between Meert’s window dressings and the dangerous, seductive visit to Patisserie Charle, there were other sweet diversions in Lille.

Aux Merveilleux was perhaps the most unique. Rustic, I’d call it. Borderline dated in a Renaissance Fair sort of way, but still charming and delightful.

These are cakes you’re more likely to see in America than France: meringue-coated chocolate whipped cream, rolled in chocolate chips sprinkled with icing and sugar and topped with whipped cream. (I mean, seriously??)

Nearby at Luc Olivier, the dazzling jellies and macarons stood out louder than the pastries.

But what I was most excited about were the chocolates.

Valrhona bonbons in flavors like Tahitian vanilla, Cointreau, lavender, pear and praliné.

I stopped short of buying myself a box of 25, the smallest offered, and instead took a modest 10 home in a cellophane bag.

But it was Patrick Hermand who took the cake. Right?

These little cakes were arresting.

Absolutely exquisite.


Too pretty to eat, almost?

I’d eat one though. Hell, I'd probably eat eight.


Katja said...

OMG. I can't take how fantasticly good those cakes look!

Anonymous said...

O-M-G! I want at least one of everything! Beautiful Pictures! You rock!

The Real Dish said...

amazing pics - everything looks just incredible!

Sugar + Spice said...

What a feast for the eyes! Thanks for taking us with you to Paris. They almost look too good to eat.

The Savvy Soybean said...

These look amazing! I'm visiting Paris this summer and I live in NYC so I'll definitely keep an eye on this blog =)

Have you ever been to Le Monde on the UWS? They have desserts very similar to these.

K8teebug said...

Why would you ever crave anything from America with beauteous baked goods such as these?