Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Heart to heart

For a year now, I’ve been a sucker for Coquelicot’s strawberry heart. It’s dense, sweet, spongy, and perfectly portioned.

But now my own heart is aflutter for a new cake: Merce and the Muse’s carrot-apple heart.

Same “love”ly shape. Another beautifully portioned and flavored creation. A new habit that I’ll need to control.


ParisBreakfasts said...

a carrot-apple heart cake?
What the hell does that taste like?
Carrot cake?
I guess it has carrotene in that still a plus factor?

Sweet Freak said...

It tastes like yummy, moist carrot cake. Except it has big chunks of juicy apple. It's quite tasty.

Sadly, it's quite cher too - 3 euros. can you believe it?!

FireintheBreeze (Brittany) said...

Mmmm carrot cake is my favourite! And the heart shape is adorable too