Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tart or crumble?

No one does a tart like the French.

But the crumbles are pretty irresistible, too.

By the name of tart or pie...

Crumble, crisp or cobbler...

Which will you have?


ParisBreakfasts said...

Why IS it no one makes a tarte like the French? How come they own the tarte!?
Something to do with the water, the flour, the altitude(?) and of course the hands that make the tarte.
Really I think they've taken over the crumble as well.
Le Crumb-bool!
It's quite annoying. They adopt stuff and then do it way better.
'Je peux resister a tout sauf a la tentation' to quote dear old Oscar W...
I have the hardest time resisting French crumble.
So far I've had good luck with their version of the lemon meringue tarte by never allowing it to cross my lips...

Anna's Table said...

Pretty hard decision, crumble with a scoop of ice cream or it's pretty cousin the tart? Can't really go wrong with either one. I agree that the French are the masters of the tart, "et pourquoi pas". I love trying to reproduce them at home and apple season provided me with the the perfect opportunity for a recent apple flan post on my blog.


a Broad said...

Tart and Crisp.
For some quirky reason, coming from a family chock full of Bakers, I like to bake but I am not adventurous and end up making very good crisps and I just love a good Tart .. I am not that good at making perfect pastry dough so I appreciate a good tart over crumbled toppings.
But in the case here, having seen the photos, I think I might need to investigate further by tasting Everything before making a final decision.
You understand, don't you?
un beso, C

"All things French" said...

J'adore le tarte au citron and le tarte au pommes ~ especially with a goodly dollop of creme~fraiche. but for the crumble I can't go past rhubarb ooh... so delicious!!

ParisBreakfasts said...

Where do these yummies come from!!
Inquiring minds NEED to know.
Not fair
Must share.
Who What Where When

Sweet Freak said...

Indeed, Carol!
From top to bottom:
Plum tart at Le Loir dans la Thieiere, Paris
Une tranche of apple tart at Les Petits Mitrons, Paris
Le Crooomble at Les Deux Abeilles, Paris
Pear crumble at Maison Baron-Lefèvre, Nantes
A café I cased in Avignon
Peach & berry cobbler at Peels, NYC... which if you haven't gone to you, get yourself there, tout de suite!

As for me, the crumble/cobbler/crisp faction has edged out tarts. Though I wouldn't turn down a nice warm slice of pie. No m'aam.