Monday, April 25, 2011

Almond croissants from Paris

God bless day-old croissants. If not for them, would almond croissants exist (these, from Gosselin)?

That’s right, the glorious almond croissant is essentially a way of salvaging not-so-fresh regular croissants. You take some day-olders, fill them with almond cream (a mixture of butter, sugar, almonds and eggs), sprinkle with almond slivers and then bake them again until the cream sets and the tips crisp up.

The result? Yum.

A dense and creamy breakfast treat.

A whopper of a way to begin the day.

Even if you do leave a few crumbs.


Merisi said...

I have to take a better look at the almond croissants of my bakery! ;-)

a Broad said...

Here, in Buenos Aires, there has been nothing close to a croissant. They serve things called medialunas and they are sticky with honey and only shaped like a croissant to allow anyone to call them that, otherwise, they are not croissants!

But now, the Gods of Pastries have smiled on us and L'epi has opened. These guys are from France , they make real croissants. Right here, in my kitchen, is a bag of almond croissants !! they look just like yours !! ( to be sure they don't taste exactly as good as yours but I am still content )

besitos. C

Sweet Freak said...

I don't know, maybe they do taste as good, Candice!? (Unless they have honey... not that I have anything wrong with honey but, like you, think if it's a pastry with honey, it's more Middle Eastern or South American than French and, therefore, *not* a croissant.)

Merisi, it's always worthwhile to keep searching until you find the best croissants in town...

daphne said...

I can`t believe you can have such a monster croissant for 1.65€, isn`t it cheap? Either way it looks so good!
which bakery was that?
By the way I love love the blog :)

Sweet Freak said...

Well, 1,65 is cheap for for the over-the-top pleasure of the croissant. But it's like a $4 latte from Starbucks - it adds up in more ways than one.

This particular almond croissant was from Boulangerie Gosselin. Today's was from Eric Kayser. :)