Saturday, October 15, 2011

Breakfast club at Morandi

It had been awhile since Bennie and I Breakfast Clubbed. We hopped back in action, with full appetite and a real winner in Morandi.

I hadn’t eaten there in years. And I’d never been for breakfast. But I think I could have eaten everything on the menu (except a breakfast pizza with pancetta).

Bennie is such a good partner in crime. Whenever there is a bread basket, we split it.

Morandi’s was beyond. First, you get a nice little display of the goodies when you enter the restaurant.

And the basket is the perfect size for two.

Sugary-sweet bombolini and bitter chocolate brioche…

A delightful sour cherry muffin…

… a tender cinnamon raisin pastry, and sweet but savory pistachio bread…

…and what was perhaps my favorite: the moist and eggy ricotta fritter.

Only the Italian croissant escaped our appetites.

Apparently six (half) pastries was our limit.


Dianne said...

That breakfast basket looks utterly delectable - sour cherry muffin Yum!!

Anonymous said...

Ricotta fritter! Want. Sounds like my kind of breakfast. :)

Anonymous said...

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