Sunday, October 09, 2011

Doughboy is one week old!

I’ve long been a fan of Alison Nelson’s. But my respect went up a notch when she added to her chocolate franchise a West Village bakery. And named it Doughboy.

Open since last Sunday it’s a bright and cheerful spot on Hudson with a welcome selection of the homeiest treats.

Cookies, muffins and brownies…

…cupcakes galore…

…and breads and cakes…

Torn between a pumpkin cupcake (’tis the season!) and the last slice of the peanut butter poundcake, the lovelies behind the counter didn’t deliberate for even a second. The poundcake, they directed.

I imagined the moistness of poundcake and the moistness of peanut butter would mean a doubly rich and savory cake.

But in reality, it was ethereally light. Almost angel foodcake light. With mere hints of peanut butter.

Good. But I think I’ll be going back for the pumpkin cupcake.

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Holiday Baker Man said...

Oh WOW! Complete comfort food!